Other Ratings

In addition to the main Batting, Pitching, and Fielding ratings, there are a few other factors that play a role in scouting players and building your team. Let's take a closer look:

Endurance (EN)

  • A player's endurance rating determines how long they can perform at their best before fatigue starts to affect their performance.
  • Endurance is particularly crucial for pitchers, as they tire more quickly than batters.
  • As endurance decreases, fatigue sets in, gradually impacting a player's performance.
  • Rest and days off help players recover their endurance - typical pitchers will be fully recovered in 4 to 5 days.
  • A player's endurance is displayed as Current EN / Maximum EN, with lower current EN indicating fatigue.


  • Status indicates how a player is feeling, ranging from Rested, Good, OK, Tired, Fatigued, to Exhausted.
  • Tired and fatigued players experience performance penalties, while exhausted players are unable to play.
  • It's important to note that catchers fatigue faster than other positions, while designated hitters fatigue slower.
  • Pitchers' Specialty (SY) rating and Endurance are unaffected by fatigue.
  • Understanding status helps in managing player rest and avoiding performance decline.

Season Fatigue

  • Season fatigue reflects the wear and tear of a long season on a player.
  • It temporarily reduces a player's maximum fatigue level and extends their recovery time.
  • Resting players can alleviate or eliminate season fatigue to restore their maximum fatigue level.
  • Season fatigue is not directly visible but can be inferred if a fully rested player fails to regain all their endurance.

Righty/Lefty (RL)

  • Players have a hidden righty/lefty rating that influences their performance against right-handed and left-handed opponents.
  • Both the batter's and pitcher's RL ratings are considered in these matchups.
  • Generally, hitters have an advantage against opposite-handed pitchers.
  • Managers often exploit these matchups by selecting lineups tailored to right-handed or left-handed pitchers.

Note: As of the June 2022 update, Season Fatigue and Righty/Lefty ratings are no longer visible.

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