Rookie Leagues

Joining a Rookie League

If you choose to create a new team upon entering BaseHit, you'll be placed in a create a new team in a new Rookie League. This is perfect for users who want to create a brand new team and experience the thrill of building a franchise from the ground up. In the Rookie League, you will compete with other new owners in a simplified game format, where teams consist of 8 teams, each playing a 56-game schedule.

Playing Exhibition Games

Once you complete your first season in the Rookie League, you will have a chance to play a series of Exhibition Games while waiting for your promotion to the Major Leagues. These games allow you to refine your strategies, experiment with your lineups, and get a sneak peek of the action in the Major Leagues. It's a great opportunity to further develop your skills in a risk-free setting.

Advancing to the Major Leagues

After gaining valuable experience in the Rookie League and the Exhibition Games, you're ready for the big leagues! In the Major Leagues, you will compete in a full 160-game schedule, with features such as player trading, stadium alterations, and player awards. You can also select a commissioner and further customize your league settings.