June 2023 update

This release is scheduled for 10AM EST, 6/27/23

Roster Page Updates

  • Enhanced interface for Roster Page
  • Customizable view/filters that put you in control of what information you want to see.
    • With all options chosen, you can view all players on the team with ratings, stats, and financial information
    • Too many columns for your phone? Choose what to keep and what to hide, and your browser will remember.
  • Reassign and Front Office functions now run directly from the Roster Page.
    • Added summary of reassign actions at bottom of the screen near save button.
    • Clearer alerts given if invalid reassign actions chosen that would take roster below minimums.

New User Onboarding

  • New users that create a new team, will join a Rookie League with other new users.
  • When the Rookie League season is complete, active teams will be merged with active teams from other Rookie Leagues to automatically create a new Franchise League.
  • Inactive teams at the end of the Rookie League season will be purged.
  • Teams will play exhibition games while waiting for enough teams to complete the merger into a new Franchise League.
  • New users will still always be able to take over a team in an existing league. If you see a new user - say hi, and help welcome them to BaseHit!

Other Changes

  • Add pending binding contracts/hard cap settings change to league page

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed display bug on free agent bid page
  • Fixed bug that linked incorrect team in box score sheet on mobile
  • Fixed bug to ensure indicators for saving show on roster page
  • Fixed bug that caused trade details to show in transaction log of the wrong league
  • Fixed draft seeding to ensure playoff teams that are eliminated in the same round are ordered by fewest regular season wins.
  • Fixed logo on signup page