Finding Your Way Around

For 20 years, BaseHit has been an engaging community of baseball fans at it's heart - people finding some time to hang out, compete for rings, and have some fun.

BaseHit is a Community

BaseHit offers various ways for you to engage with other players and learn the game:

  • BaseHit Forums: The main communication hub for existing leagues. Discuss drafts, trades, player listings, access game highlights, and more. It's a great place to track league conversations and connect with other owners.

  • BaseHit Discord channel: A vibrant community providing instant interaction and feedback from fellow BaseHit managers.

  • BaseHit on YouTube: Explore podcasts, interviews, game updates, tutorials, and entertaining content related to BaseHit.

  • BaseHit Community Hub: Stay updated with BaseHit news, owner-made rankings, musings from community members, and other enjoyable content

Joining the Forums

To join the BaseHit Forums, follow this link - Register for the BaseHit Forums

  • Forum registration allows you to post and reply to threads, send and receive private messages, and communication with commissioners.
  • Use the same username as your game site when registering.
  • After registration, click on the activation link received via email to access the forums.

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