Front Office

As of May 2, 2023, the game has introduced new features regarding the team's finances and roster management. Here's what you need to know:

Front Office Page:

Access the Front Office page through the Roster link on your Team page.
  • This page provides an overview of your team's finances, including overall ratings, individual player ratings, salaries, and more.
  • It allows you to organize and filter the data you want to see.
  • Additionally, there is a CSV download option available in the bottom right corner to obtain the desired information.

Postseason Roster Decisions:

During the postseason, you will be able to view each player's salary demands for the following year, as well as the team's projected payroll total if all players are retained.
  • The team owner will have an additional action column where they can make SIGN and RELEASE decisions for each player:
    • SIGN: Keep the player and meet their salary demands.
    • RELEASE: Drop the player from your roster, making them available in Free Agency.
  • You have the entire postseason to make these decisions and can change your mind - the SIGN/RELEASE actions will only take effect at the season flip.
  • When you make changes to these values, you will see next season's salary total increase or decrease accordingly.

  • Note: Your roster becomes locked when the postseason begins. If you wish to release a player, select RELEASE in the contracts column, and they will be automatically dropped at the flip.

Minimum Salary Players - Scrubs

  • At the start of the preseason, every team must have a minimum of 14 batters and 11 pitchers in their Active Roster.
  • If you release players that would take you below these minimums, the game will automatically sign a minimum salary player, commonly referred to as a Scrub, to fill those roster spots.
  • Scrubs have a cost of $0 for the first year and are 100% very bad not good.
  • If a scrub is getting significant playing time on your roster, it is advisable to make changes.
  • There may be instances where it is financially beneficial to have a few minimum salary players on the team - Instead of drafting or bidding for low-salary players in free agency, you can plan ahead and release enough players at the flip to allow for the auto-signing of scrubs.

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