The Story of Winthrop


Back in the day, there was a bug in the name database that caused the name Winthrop to be used in place of William. Before this bug could be squashed, Winthrops were running rampant throughout all of BaseHit (CSFBL at the time)

Enamoured with the name (and at a suggestion by community member OWK), the CSFBL/BaseHit faithful soon adopted the name Winthrop as a term to refer to the average, ordinary, unheralded player.

Typical Uses

  • I can't believe I won on a home run by a Winthrop!
  • I'm going to have to pick up a free agent Winthrop since my 3B just retired.
  • I'll trade you my star shortstop for two winthrops and a draft pick.
  • All I got from my Draft was a lousy Winthrop.

Other Winthrops