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League Overview

Summary: Information about the league your team has joined

League History

This has important information about the league the team is in.

Under the league name is links to some areas you will be looking at from time to time (some of these pages can be reached from your team page as well.)

  • Current Standings (Show how your team is doing compared to the others)
  • Scoreboard (Shows the games and results for each of the last 6 sim days for the league)
  • Transactions (Shows the last 100 transactions by any team in the league)
  • Free Agents (List of free agent players your team can potentially sign)
  • Hall Of Fame (Shows the hall of fame inductees for the given league)
  • Forum (Short-cut to the forum section devoted to that league)
  • Chat (Short-cut to the chat room devoted to that league)
  • Amateur Draft (Shows the leagues amateur draft page)
  • Batting (Season) (Shows the leagues current season batting stats)
  • Pitching (Season) (Shows the leagues current season pitching stats)
  • Batting (Career) (Shows the leagues career batting stats)
  • Pitching (Career) (Shows the leagues career pitching stats)

You can also use the League Stats page for further statistical information.

The next four lines describe characteristics of the league:

  • League Status
    Describes whether the league is currently in the regular season, play-offs, or off season. Also tells what year the league is playing.

  • Game Day
    What calendar day on the schedule the league is in.

  • Simulation Speed
    How quickly this league's calendar moves - 2 or 4 games per day.

  • League Type
    Public or Private. Private leagues require a password to join when formed.

  • League Message
    A message from a league commissioner. Can be used to inform the league of dates/events/matters that they feel are important. Also allows you to enter an html link.


This lists the division breakdown of the league, the team names, and the franchises owning the teams (if the team is currently owned.) All leagues are currently formed as four divisions with each division consisting of six teams (total of 24 teams.) Teams remain in the same division throught the history of the league; i.e. there is currently no 1st and 2nd Division set-up where teams are shifted between divisions from season to season.

The team and franchise names listed are also links to that team and/or franchise. A quick way to go look at the roster and line-ups of the other teams in the league.

Seasonal History

The groups on the rest of the page are links and award information for the past and current seasons of the league.